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Tiny Theme, Big Satisfaction

I always liked one-column minimalistic blog designs, and I always wanted one for Wooden Fish. Although, my last template theme Foliage Mod was a nice single-column minimalistic blog theme, but after some usage I grew tired of the dark green color and the fancy slide-down top shelf. So once again I shopped around for a […]

K2 Mystery

I was trying out K2 and a custom K2 style on Wooden Fish, in the end when I switched back to my own theme, one of my created pages got mysteriously lost. So I had to recreate it in the Admin Panel. Did anyone experience the same mystery? Please shine a light on me.

Minor Updates

I just finished a minor update last night. It was originally intended to be a complete face-lift for Wooden Fish, since yesterday an idea struck me while I was at work and I liked to implement it to a WordPress theme. However as soon as I sit down and started to work on it, I […]