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Vegas Trip Recap – Part I

If I am not mistaking, Wynn is a recently built new hotel on the Strip. The hotel was inaugurated on April 28, 2005. At the time of inauguration, Mr. Wynn gave the entire hotel and casino as a birthday gift to his wife.

Monk, Back Home

Hey everyone, I am so glad to be back, my sweet home San Diego. I was back on Thursday, tired but very happy. The entire trip was fun, safe and most importantly my parents and I had a great time together. We visited every single hotel on the strip, and we took a lot of […]

Monk, On the Road

As I am getting ready for my trip to Las Vegas, I just thought that I will miss blogging while I am away. It is certainly good for me, an opportunity to get out of my room and away from computer. Anyway, I will be back in a week to report all the happenings of […]

Planning for Vegas

Besides my recent addiction with an old game, Medieval: Total War, I am also busy planning a trip to Las Vegas with my parents. This will probably be the last family trip in a long time, since they are returning to China at the end of this month for retirement. I am trying to make […]

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