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October Overload

I just realized that I have not shared with my readers desktop screenshots since June. I cannot believe I neglected on this area. So, without further delay, I present to you all the screenshot I took since June. Enjoy, and post any question that you may have!


Latest screenshot of my MacBook Pro featuring my latest wallpaper SIW.

Upgraded to MacBook Pro

I can’t believe I forgot to mention it here. Well, I guess I am so busy toying with it that I forgot to share the news. So, here is the announcement: I bought a new MacBook Pro on March 1st, finally made my upgrade from PowerBook to an Intel-based MacBook Pro. Just to be clear […]

Windows XP on MBP

Right-Click, Delete and Print Screen

Today, I took some time at work to install Windows XP on my new MacBook Pro using Boot Camp 1.2 Beta. The entire procedure was smooth and simple, but once XP was installed, I encountered few small keyboard-related puzzles. First problem was the delete button on my MBP’s keyboard; apparently it is not functional under […]

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