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MS Visual Studio Hidden Image Library

Recently, because of my work I started to dive into the world of UI programming with C#. I am learning the language and IDE, and reading programming books related to this area. When I was playing with the IDE today, more specifically the Windows Form Designer, I realized that to add an icon to a […]

Steve and Bill Together

If you are a geek, I am sure you know about the recent joined interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates done during D5. I am currently watching the entire interview, and it is very interesting and fun so far. If you are interested here is the link, enjoy!

Windows XP on MBP

IE7 Released

Microsoft finally released Internet Explorer 7 today. It should be pretty big news, and it should have some effect on the web design community. Anyway, I am sure in the next day or two reviews will start to emerge everywhere.

Contractor and Architect

This is an interesting article from Engadget, talking about different roles of Microsoft and Apple companies. What do you think? Do you think the analogy is somewhat accurate?

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