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Windows Vista Wallpaper Frenzy

Although, the recently released Windows Vista Beta did not receive much positive feedback, mostly dubious criticism and sarcastic comments; but in the realm of PC customization, the announcement of Windows Vista has caused a frenzy of Windows Vista wallpaper creation. After the leak of the official Windows Vista wallpaper, many desktop wallpaper artists has put […]

MSN Spaces Ready for Bloggers

The service was previously only available in Japanese, but now it is also open in English. The service is still in beta testing but sign ups are open to public. From the recent product releases, it looks like MS is seriously considering a match with Google. Now MS made its way into the realm of […]

MSN Search Beta

Now Microsoft is officially in the battle arena of search engine technology, challenging Google’s 60% market share. Today Microsoft launched their MSN Search Beta to the public. My first impression of the interface is the obvious similarity with Google’s main page in style. It is simple and straightforward, and it also reminded me of the […]

Energy Bliss (Royale) Theme

On Tuesday, Microsoft released the official Media Center 2005 theme for Tablet PC Edition 2005, called Energy Bliss. To many PC customization enthusiasts, it is known as Royale, which recently has become a trendy style in the Windows skinning community. Many artists or skinners have ported this visual style, and many others have released their […]

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