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Right-Click, Delete and Print Screen

Today, I took some time at work to install Windows XP on my new MacBook Pro using Boot Camp 1.2 Beta. The entire procedure was smooth and simple, but once XP was installed, I encountered few small keyboard-related puzzles. First problem was the delete button on my MBP’s keyboard; apparently it is not functional under […]


Poly Vinyl and Glass Apple

Latest combination on my PowerBook: Poly Vinyl as theme and my own new wallpaper Glass Apple.

Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click

I don’t remember exactly when the crashes started to happen, I must have neglected initially since it happened sporadically. As days passed by, I started to notice this bizarre finder crash more attentively. Usually, my usage of control-click/right-click on my PowerBook is frequent. Especially when I am doing image editing, I have the habit of […]


I got the picture of the Taiwanese model from a forum, and thought it would be nice to turn it into a wallpaper. So, here you go, I think it looks pretty good. Do you agree?

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