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A Blogger’s Desktop

Any interest on the wallpaper?

Amora Theme and Icons

If you are into customizing the look of your beloved Mac OS X, then you should know this piece of news by now. If you still have not heard of Amora, then you should definitely check it out. David Lanham is simply amazing, never lowers the quality of his released works, instead he takes each […]


Anyone saw this movie yet?

Installation of Ant on OS X

Recently at work, I had to perform the task of setting up Ant on my PowerBook, and I was not satisfied with the tutorials I found online. When I finished setting up everything, I wanted to record the entire procedure for my own sake and also for people who need it. At this point, if […]

The Default Browser

It was an easy choice in the beginning. On PC, I use FireFox and only FireFox, so naturally when I switched to Mac, I installed and used FireFox as my default system browser. However, the worry-free and happy days ended quickly when I discovered the problem of disappearing Chinese characters in FireFox. Doing a little […]

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