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Wall-E Review

When reviewing Wall-E, this year’s Pixar animated film, I try to keep simple-minded. I don’t think it is an animated version of The Inconvenient Truth. Certainly, it does portrait an abandoned earth, and a survived robot programmed to collect waste, but the movie’s main story or message is not about environment. It is simply a […]

Thoughts on Wall-E

Click the image to view the new trailer in HD When I first wrote about Wall-E, I was curious rather than interested or excited. Pixar has been known for its creativity and enticing storytelling, but maybe because its consistent production of top-notch films, it has become difficult to surpass past achievements. I watched the last […]

Ratatouille Review

First and foremost, the graphics of this animated film is stunning. There are countless beautiful scenes in the film: the panorama of Paris, the kitchen, the spacious yet elegantly decorated office of the food critic Anton Ego, etc. Furthermore, the computer renderings are supreme: the close-up shots of rats’ fur, the drenched cloth and fur […]

Wall-E Teaser

It looks like there is another interesting tale that Pixar has in store for us in 2008. I wonder what is the story about this rusty fellow Wall-E, check out the teaser.

The Incredibles

Sorry for this belated review, I have seen this movie about two weeks ago, but never had chance to sit down, think through, and write an insightful review. Well, honestly, even now I don’t know for sure what I will come up with. I think the best word to describe the movie is “incredible”. Pixar […]