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Plug-ins Used on My Archive Page

Today, I want to recommend two excellent plug-ins that I use on my archive page. First one is a plug-in that I recently discovered from WordPress’ dashboard, it is called Compact Archives by Rob Marsh. I think this is an useful plug-in for a blog that has a massive number of entries. I wanted to […]

Fluency Admin for WordPress 2.5

Wow, this is exciting! So, now I am officially looking forward to the release of WordPress 2.5, which should arrive by next week. When the newly designed dashboard was revealed earlier, I was disappointed. It is not aesthetically pleasing, and not too different from the current blue one. Of course, I am just judging from […]

Recommended Entries in 2007

Here is a list of post entries that I personally recommend from the year of 2007. Some are tech-related, and others are free-style literary writings. It is my way of making sure that you don’t miss any quality and useful posts in 2007. Enjoy! January 20: Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click February 5: Take a […]

Bad Behavior 2.0.11

If your blog is equipped with Bad Behavior to keep spammers out of the door, please be sure to update the latest release of version 2.0.11, which fixes a critical error. This morning, when I tried to moderate spams caught on my blog, I found out that I have being blocked out from my own […]

Accurate Related Posts Plug-in

When you view a single post entry on this site, there is a section between the post content and user comments which contains two lists: one displays a list of related posts and another list contain the most discussed posts on this blog. For related posts list, I used WASABI’s Related Posts plug-in, which is […]

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