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Recommending SRG Clean Archives

For a pretty long time, Wooden Fish’s Archives page is made by using Extended Live Archive plug-in. Recently, I have dropped ELA and switched to SRG Clean Archives plug-in, originally created by Shawn Grimes and now being developed and maintained by Sean. To get a better idea of the plug-in, check out the Archives page. […]

Making Sociable XHTML Valid

Just recently I started using the plug-in Sociable, so the visitors can easily submit an individual entry on this site to other popular social network sites. However, when the plug-in is installed and activated I found a minor annoyance: my pages are no longer valid for XHTML 1.0 Strict. The problem is caused by language […]

Clean Up Write Page

Thanks to Michael for his recent entry mentioning a great plug-in named Clutter Free. Basically, Clutter Free is a plug-in to get rid of unwanted sections on your WordPress write page. How can I resist with such wonderful idea? So I installed the plug-in and cleaned up my write page. Now, look how pretty and […]

RSS Subscriber 0.1 Beta

Back in May, I wrote a post announcing the addition of my Subscriptions page and my new WordPress plug-in, but the post received no response and no further discussion. Well, partially it was my fault, since I did not devote too much effort to spread out the news in the WordPress community. Since then, the […]

Beautiful Inside Out

Now I can finally claim that my blog Wooden Fish is beautiful inside out. Many thanks to Sean Park at CeprixConception for making SpotMilk and sharing it with the public, I want to compliment you on this excellent WordPress admin theme.

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