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ELA Update

Arnaud Froment updated his famous plug-in Extended Live Archive to 0.10beta R17 today. I have already upgraded the plug-in on this blog. One bug I noticed is the Hide Advanced Options button in the plug-in option page is mistakenly linked to PayPal’s donation page. I have reported this bug to Arnaud in the support forum.

The Subscription Page

If you haven’t noticed its existence, let me point it out for you. Recently, with the completion of my second experimental plug-in (it’s still in beta); I have created a page named Subscriptions. On the page, you will find the latest entries’ title of several blogs I have subscribed with. With this page, I would […]

Timeline Plug-in

I found this little gem in Binary Bonsai Forums, a nifty plug-in called Timeline by Raphael. You can see it in action in my Archives page, I only modified the original width so it fits with my page style. Do you like it?

Coming Soon v2 Lite

Since it is lite, of course there is no new feature added, instead I took out some stuff from the original version 2. First, there is no more date for the drafts. I don’t know if anyone can confirm to me on this, but apparently WordPress 2.0 does not save dates on drafts. Second, instead […]

Alert for IE

I was browsing Binary Bonsai using IE over the holidays at my girlfriend’s place, and I noticed the alert message right underneath the header image. So I wanted to implement that on my blog, displaying noticeable alert messages when user browses Wooden Fish using IE. I made a plug-in named IE Warning and a few […]

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