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342 Spam Comments

Two things came out of 342 spam comments. One, I found two legit comments from a first time commenter. Two, I found a bug in Shawn’s Clean Archives plug-in, or maybe I did not download the updated one. Anyway, the problem made me to finally install Extended Live Archive.

Coming Soon v2

Based on the suggestions and ideas given to me after the initial release of Coming Soon, I’ve added more features into this release. Before I go on, I just want to thank all the people who have shown interest on this little plug-in. Without these people, version 2 would not come into existence. In this […]

Making It Better

The idea was sparked from a comment of David Lee Hemphill. He asked me whether there is a way to exclude a particular draft from displaying when using my plug-in. It got me thinking about an elegant way for draft exclusion, furthermore a graphical indicator of draft’s current progress. Initially I thought about inserting a […]

Coming Soon Plug-in

Okay, I think I am done, I think this simple little plug-in is ready to be released into the wild. Anyway, Coming Soon is a plug-in that simply outputs a list of drafts currently your blog might contain. To get an idea, just take look at my sidebar, it is the list under the title […]

First Plug-in

Okay, I exaggerated; I do not consider myself a plug-in author at all, at least not yet. Yesterday, out of pure curiosity I wrote this very simple plug-in named Coming Soon. You can see it in action on my sidebar under the title Forecast. It is very straightforward, it simply queries the titles of all […]

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