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Waiting for Waterfall

Why, in the dense forest, I feel I am the only tree? Why, in my dark pupil, the sunlight never shines in? Why, in a cup of water, I am always the drop of oil? I can’t get out, and you can’t get in… Why, among the dozen of roses, I am the withered one? […]


Why grapes turn sour? Why spring wind no longer colors my heartbeat? Why words turn into swords, so incisive yet so fatuous? Why after everything has happened I still do not see the path? Exiled, in the land of confusion. Confused, in events that never took place. Weakened, because I see my weakness. Lost, in […]

Ocean of Love

in Your immense ocean of love i’ve found the sole meaning of existence people taught me not to give for nothing but You loved me when i couldn’t even care for my own being people taught me the world never stops when i hobble but each time You stood next to my shoulder letting Your […]

Haiku #3

Less than two weeks left drumbeats arrive from distance Father, walk with me

Haiku #2

At crossroad I stand clouds float, sun shines through, birds sing nothing is the same

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