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Interesting Bits #1

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Couple Headlines

Just couple headlines that affected me today and I am sharing them briefly with whoever is reading this. First, London was attacked again today. Yes, exactly two weeks after the bombings that killed 52 people. Fortunately, other than temporary chaos of the transport system there was only one person injured. According to the news report, […]

London Bombings

Just read about this in the morning from Michael’s bonsai, it is simply terrible and it reminded us again about this new terror that we have to face in today’s world. Wikipedia really has a detailed report about this incident, I urge everyone to read it. So far the total number of injured is reported […]

Ghost Votes

The news report came out couple days ago; it was based on an academic study done by the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. The study was led by the UC Berkeley sociology professor Michael Hout, with the contribution of a group of graduate students. The study found evidence that counties which conducted the presidential election […]

Rice Replaces Powell

The big news today was the resignation of secretary of state, Collin Powell. His resignation was announced along with three other cabinet members, which makes total of 6 resignations from presidential cabinet, which consists of 15 members. After the resignation announcement, Bush chose Condoleezza Rice as the replacement. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Agriculture Secretary Ann […]

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