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Leopard on My PowerBook

As the last screenshot entails, I am leaving Tiger behind and have made the move on Leopard. To start the transition, I backed up my PowerBook using the wonderful SuperDuper, and proceeded with a clean install of Leopard on my PowerBook G4. Then, I spent several hours after work to complete the data migration, and […]

Goodbye Tiger

Screenshot taken just before installing Leopard on my PowerBook. So far, I have completed with the installation, and the initial impression of Leopard on my PowerBook is positive. I still need couple hours to finish the transition and get everything organized.

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! The cute little snowman is from mandolux.

Enzo Beta with Bioshock Enemies

Neon Love

Wow, last screenshot was back in April. It’s been awhile. Here is my latest PowerBook setup. I am showing off CoverSutra and a song that I am currently addicted to.

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