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WordCamp China 2008

A year ago, with the effort of 72pines and China Bloger Network, Beijing held the first ever WordCamp outside of United States. It was a big hit, and the outcome was positive and encouraging. This year, WordCamp will return to China on September 20th and 21st, and the gathering will be officially named WordCamp China […]

Hooters Enter Shanghai

With all the foreign food businesses opening up in China, it is inevitable that one day all the major U.S. food chains will establish their markets in China. So far, China already has KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc. Now apparently the country is ready for Hooters, a restaurant that is well-known for its busty and […]

China Diary — Shanghai

This post is essentially born from the reading of China Diary, a diary written by Former BBC Beijing correspondent Tim Luard, who has not visited China for 25 years after his first visit. My interest was elicited by merely the title of his first entry: Arriving in Shanghai. To be maybe more precise, the word […]