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Unexpected Surprise

I guess I surprised myself tonight when this was finished, because I really like it. I am using it with heylove’s Aesthetic Groove. Maybe I will post a screenshot tomorrow.

Looking for a Title

I don’t know what to call it, but it is a wallpaper. Currently I am using it on my own desktop. The process of making it was fun! I have not played with Photoshop for quite awhile now, getting back on it is satisfying. So I have followed my usual style: simplicity and ease on […]

Midnight Experiment

I just did another one, still not 100% satisfactory

Still A Kid

I made this last week. I guess I am still a kid inside. This looks like a drawing done by a kindergarten kid.

Rice Paper and Rooster

I am not resting at all; I am constantly working and creating. Here is my proof, preview of my latest creations: rice paper and rooster. I am thinking of releasing them around Chinese New Year.

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