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Color Knot Preview

Wallpapers that I made while I was doing a Photoshop tutorial, I named Color Knot. Comments are always encouraged!

Jolla Sunset Wallpaper Preview

It is still a work in progress, but here is an early preview. These two wallpapers were done on Wednesday night, I took a screenshot using the stained version and it is posted in the Desktop section. Some of my friends have suggested that blue might not be an ideal background color in this case, […]

Tribulation Color Variations

I have not gotten any chance to finish my planned wallpaper pack lately. For the past week, I have been occupied with my work, in preparation of the upcoming important demo. Here are merely some color variations of the original Tribulation that I had done in last week: blue and carbon. As always, comments and […]

Tribulation Preview

This is the second wallpaper that I came up for my upcoming abstract wallpaper series. I hope to hear some constructive feedbacks and suggestions from you.

Hope Preview

Couple days ago, I was following a Photoshop tutorial and accidentally came up with this abstract wallpaper. I was very happy and satisfactory with the outcome, and it fits so good with StefanKa’s recent visual style, Royal Inspirat. So I decided to keep it and maybe release it in the future. The name of this […]

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