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Bad Behavior 2.0.11

If your blog is equipped with Bad Behavior to keep spammers out of the door, please be sure to update the latest release of version 2.0.11, which fixes a critical error. This morning, when I tried to moderate spams caught on my blog, I found out that I have being blocked out from my own […]

342 Spam Comments

Two things came out of 342 spam comments. One, I found two legit comments from a first time commenter. Two, I found a bug in Shawn’s Clean Archives plug-in, or maybe I did not download the updated one. Anyway, the problem made me to finally install Extended Live Archive.

End of Spam Plague

Yesterday, after reading the praiseful post that Michael Heilemann have written about Kitten’s Spaminator. I felt compelled to try it for I have being plagued by spammers for so long. At the beginning, the attack was once awhile, recently it has been consistently everyday. In an unfortunate day, I could have close to 50 spam […]

First Series of Comment Spams

Before the site manages to attract quality visitors, Wooden Fish has just encountered its first comment spammer. The incident occurred around 4:40pm this afternoon. The site received about 30 spam comments with user name such as “poker”, “texas holden”, “free online poker”. With a search on WordPress support forum, I realize that many other WordPress […]