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Accurate Related Posts Plug-in

When you view a single post entry on this site, there is a section between the post content and user comments which contains two lists: one displays a list of related posts and another list contain the most discussed posts on this blog. For related posts list, I used WASABI’s Related Posts plug-in, which is […]

Wooden Fish is Tagged

After reading several blog posts explaining the differences between tags and categories, I finally come to a better understanding of these seemingly confusing terms. So with WordPress upgraded to version 2.3, which comes with native tagging system, I was tempted to dive right into tagging. However, I hold off the urge and did a bit […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Thank God! The upgrade process was overall smooth, I did the upgrade last night and only encountered few errors. After the upgrade, fortunately all of my active plug-ins were operational. With the new feature in WordPress 2.3, several plug-ins were detected to be obsolete, so I installed the latest version for these plug-ins. I think […]