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Introducing Wooden Fish 2009

Beginning of November 2008, I started to brainstorm a new design for Wooden Fish. I wanted a design to accommodate my infrequent publishing, so I had my mind set on a single-post home page, also I wanted to try something new. Prior to this, on one occasion I had mentioned to my girlfriend that I […]

Dark and Sexy New Theme

New blog theme is 100% completed. Few quirks still exist in IE7. I have been working on this new theme on and off for almost two weeks now. It felt quite a lengthy process, since I could not work on it fully, I had other side projects going on at the time besides of my […]

My Favorite Tumblr Themes

Last Friday I failed to rein my curiosity and sudden impulse, and the result is a Tumblr account. Over the weekend, I played with customization and got myself more familiar with the platform. I have to admit, it is truly a minimalistic and convenient blogging platform. The programmers of Tumblr really serviced their users well. […]

Minikin2 v1.5

I apologize for the prolonged silence on this blog. Ever since last Friday, I have been working on this blog’s design sporadically. Now, all major parts are completed, and I am quite happy to announce the arrival of Minikin2 v1.5. The general structure of the design stays the same as in the last version, however […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Thank God! The upgrade process was overall smooth, I did the upgrade last night and only encountered few errors. After the upgrade, fortunately all of my active plug-ins were operational. With the new feature in WordPress 2.3, several plug-ins were detected to be obsolete, so I installed the latest version for these plug-ins. I think […]

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