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My 5 Favorite Web Apps on iPod Touch

I have had my iPod touch for nearly two months now, and I found the bookmark in my Safari growing steadily. Out there on the internet, there are many cool and useful web apps. Mainly, I discover them through the listing on Apple’s Web Apps page. Today, I want to share with you 5 of […]

Say Hello to hahlo

I don’t have an iPhone yet, and probably not anytime soon. But if you are one of those lucky and crazy early iPhone owners, and if you happen to be a Twitter user, say hello to hahlo. Twitter just revealed this couple minutes ago. Apparently it is a iPhone-styled interface for Twitter users, so enjoy […]


I have tried so hard in resisting the temptation of Twitter. I thought I was risk-free, immune from temptation, but I was wrong. Today I gave in and created my twitter account. I am twitterrificated! In few hours, it confirmed my previous assumptions: it is addictive and it is fun. However, there are many things […]