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Fifty People One Question

Besides the fact that the site is beautifully designed, the idea behind it is creative. The people involved in the project executed very well, and the video really deserve some of your time. I strongly urge you to watch this if you haven’t, and I am sure you will be moved by ordinary people in […]

More Than A Comedian

I didn’t know this guy very well, only saw his appearance on TV couple times; but when I watched this clip, I am very impressed with his tremendous talent with words, pure genius! No wonder so many people lament about his passing. I wish someone could introduce me to him earlier.

HWPen: Handwriting on iPod Touch

The release of HWPen really made typing Chinese on an iPod touch as easy as handwriting, and as far as I know this is also the first handwriting recognition program on iPod touch. With all these great applications on my iPod touch, I love it even more!

Flickr Video

I think it is yesterday when out of blue Flickr announced the introduction of video, personally I was surprised by the announcement. To test out the new feature, I made a short video today and uploaded it to Flickr.

Delayed Greetings from Matt

This video suppose to be played at WordCamp Beijing 2007, but unfortunately it arrived a bit late. However, it is still something from Matt to the WordPress Chinese community.

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