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Tribulation Color Variations

I have not gotten any chance to finish my planned wallpaper pack lately. For the past week, I have been occupied with my work, in preparation of the upcoming important demo. Here are merely some color variations of the original Tribulation that I had done in last week: blue and carbon. As always, comments and […]

Tribulation Preview

This is the second wallpaper that I came up for my upcoming abstract wallpaper series. I hope to hear some constructive feedbacks and suggestions from you.

Hope Preview

Couple days ago, I was following a Photoshop tutorial and accidentally came up with this abstract wallpaper. I was very happy and satisfactory with the outcome, and it fits so good with StefanKa’s recent visual style, Royal Inspirat. So I decided to keep it and maybe release it in the future. The name of this […]

Customization Resource — Issue 2

Recent findings: Application: IconTweaker. Icons: Xtra Orange, by gfxman. Rainlendar: Multipass, by rpeterclark. Wallpaper: My Legs, by bizarreSK. Wallpaper: Dandelion Maximus, by mandolux. Wallpaper: Technical Imperfection, by DivineError. Wallpaper: Murder On The Dance Floor, by andidas.

Customization Resource — Issue 1

My recent recommendations: Visual Style: Prominence Pro v0.5, by b0se. Wallpaper: Five Feet and Clean, by Dokt. Wallpaper: Prototype A093, by NullVoiD. Winamp Skin: AeroTune Update, by ijaxx. Winamp Skin: Avalon, by Jorge Mancheno.

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