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When There Is No Light

Sexy Jean Wallpapers

Click the image to download the wallpapers

SIW Wallpapers

A wallpaper pack containing 4 variations which are inspired by the writings of this blog entry. I hope you like them. Download: SIW (1440×900)

ZhiLing Wallpapers

The wallpaper pack contains 2 wallpapers featuring the famous Taiwanese model. They are created for personal use on a PowerBook, therefore they are all 1440×960. I hope you like them, enjoy! Download: ZhiLing (1440×960)

Blue Lines Released

First, I must apologize for the size of these wallpapers. They are all 1440×960, so in a way these wallpapers are probably only good for laptop users. Originally, I made these for personal use, and since I have a PowerBook, so they are 960 instead of 900. Well, I hope after some cropping, they can […]

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