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Customization Resource — Issue 30

I am not going to include this one in the list, but Luna Element has been updated to v5.0.5. Icons: Cametora, by Susumu Yoshida. Icons: Grand Piano, by Susumu Yoshida. Icons: I Love You, by kzzu. Icons: MEDS, by djnjpendragon. Icons: Wonka Industries, by Louie Mantia. Visual Style: Thallos, by KoL. Wallpaper: Katana 2, by […]

Customization Resource — Issue 28

Impressive icons from Dave Brasgalla, and another amazing port from Pete Ross. Icons: Warcraft – Volume 1, by Dave Brasgalla. Visual Style: Black-White, by Houly. Visual Style: PaperAGV port, by Pete Ross Visual Style: Sweet Coma v1.1.1, by zorda75. Visual Style: Truth and Lie v1.0, by sky1983628. Wallpaper: Eastern Laguna, by GoblinFish. Wallpaper: Love Beach, […]

Customization Resource — Issue 21

Luna Element 4 continues to capture many people’s heart! Icons: Drives 1.1 – Color Pack, by lsmonki. Icons: Reixi Set, by Luis Maldonado. Visual Style: Luna Element 4.2a, by tornado5. Wallpaper: Breathe Easy, by headvoid. Wallpaper: Conflict, by light2007. Wallpaper: My Blue Sky, by celsojunior. Wallpaper: My Freedom, Your Freedom, by celsojunior. Wallpaper: Million $ […]

Customization Resource — Issue 18

Are you enjoying August so far? Well, here is some enjoyment for you . I hope you enjoy another good issue. IconPackager: Minium Doc XP, by Benijamino. Icons: Layered Folders, by BogdanGC. Wallpaper: Be Free, by celsojunior. Wallpaper: Fantasy Island, by celsojunior. Wallpaper: Induztrial, by a-t-o-m-i-c. Wallpaper: LIVESTRONG, by xenodice. Wallpaper: Queens, by tornado5. Wallpaper: […]

Customization Resource — Issue 14

Time to publish another issue in May… Icons: Milkanodised, by rimshot. Visual Style: Luna Element v2.0, by tornado5. Visual Style: Tiger v2.0, by KoL. Wallpaper: Dragon, by doubl3d. Wallpaper: Hearty Windows, by tinkupuri. Wallpaper: Magik Marble, by pridef. Wallpaper: Stars, by Tricky. Wallpaper: Wish You Were Here, by thegoodness. Winamp Skin: Foton, by Jorge Mancheno. […]

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