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Customization Resource — Issue 13

Many good stuffs in this issue, I hope you enjoy! Icons: Aqua Candy, by susumu-Express. Icons: DOCUNiUM, by rimshot. Icons: iDrives, by Wolfgang Bartelme. Icons: New Zealand, by Cian. Visual Style: Metallurgy, by lennard. Wallpapers: Lambency Pack, by tinkupuri. Wallpapers: One Day’s Journey Part 1 and Part 2, by Angeloo. Wallpaper: The Endless, by CrisVector. […]

Customization Resource — Issue 12

I am very impressed with Elements Icon Suite, excellent icons! FireFox Skin: Pulsar Safari, by susumu-Express. Icons: Elements Icon Suite, by pantoni. Icons: Flask Icons, by apathae. Icons: Miscellaneous, by apathae. Visual Style: PM2k5, by Digitalis. Wallpaper: OSMIUM-1, by tinkupuri. Winamp Skin: Alunaminamp, by Blue-Fighter.

Customization Resource — Issue 10

Some very good releases in this issure: Icons: Eternal Blue, by oooAdAooo. Icons: MINIUM, by RADE8. Visual Style: Reluna, by bant. Visual Style: Royal Inspirat Special Edition, by StenfanKa. Wallpaper: Minimal Spring pack, by bizarreSK. Winamp Skin: Bm2D, by modular9. Winamp Skin: Drone, by 883design

Customization Resource — Issue 9

Another issue in January … Visual Style: Playboy’s DM3, by playboy. Wallpaper: always watching, by o0o. Wallpaper: iPodesk, by Rimshot. Wallpaper: Strange World, by KoL. Wallpaper: Strange World II, by KoL. Wallpaper: Strange World III, by KoL. Winamp Skin: Orion, by aaronspuler.

Customization Resource – Issue 7

First issue in year 2005! Icon Suit: Aesthetic Groove, by heylove Visual Style: Aesthetic Groove v1.0, by heylove and senex. Visual Style: Katana v1.1, by simkin Visual Style: Sustenance v1.1, by KoL. Winamp Skin: Aesthetic Groove, by heylove. Winamp Skin: emanoN, by modular9. Winamp Skin: Thingamajig, by modular9.

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