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Wooden Fish is Tagged

After reading several blog posts explaining the differences between tags and categories, I finally come to a better understanding of these seemingly confusing terms. So with WordPress upgraded to version 2.3, which comes with native tagging system, I was tempted to dive right into tagging. However, I hold off the urge and did a bit […]

Introducing Minikin

Finally, after hours of rewriting, the rewrite is officially completed. As an user, you may not notice too many changes, but under the hood all the codes of the current theme have been rewritten. The style sheet has been written from scratch, eliminating many ghost codes and errors. As far as I know, now my […]

Theme Rewrite

If you come here and found a messy template with many components out of place, please do know that I am in process of rewriting the entire WordPress theme. My theme is based and derived from Tiny created by Ben de Groot, however over the time the theme has grown into something completely different than […]

Design Change and Health

The update of Wooden Fish’s design began on Tuesday night. The new layout is primarily inspired by the design of Bartelme Design. Waking up on Wednesday morning, I found myself with a swollen throat and later of the day I got a minor fever. I decided to stay home and rest. In the afternoon, I […]


Last Friday, Wooden Fish went through a minor design update. After some thinking, I have decided to further simplify the current design by getting rid of the content border. Besides this change, I have added a section on top of the blog content to feature my latest wallpaper releases and photo of the moment. I […]

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