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Do You Like Glass?

I sure do, and I dig designs with cool sleek glass border. I remember back then when I was running Kubrick, I once had a modified design with glass border, too bad I have no screenshot to prove it. So, now I have incorporated glass border in the current design, and instead of plain solid […]

I Need Light

For the past couple months, I have been running a dark template on Wooden Fish. Well, I had enough of the color black and the depressing tone that the design was carrying with. I took some time today after work, and quickly made a brighter variation of the current template. The conversion was definitely needed. […]

2 Years of Blogging

Coincidentally, on the day of my girlfriend’s departure, Wooden Fish reached its second anniversary on August 16, 2006. I have no idea where such persistency and passion come from, the only thing in my life that I have been persistent on is the love of writing and reading. Countless hours and abundant love have been […]

Tiny Theme, Big Satisfaction

I always liked one-column minimalistic blog designs, and I always wanted one for Wooden Fish. Although, my last template theme Foliage Mod was a nice single-column minimalistic blog theme, but after some usage I grew tired of the dark green color and the fancy slide-down top shelf. So once again I shopped around for a […]

From Sketch to Reality

If you paid a visit of my blog in the last couple days, you have probably noticed some changes. Yes, I am in the process of implementing my next minimalistic blog template. To avoid change of heart in the future, I intend to make this template as satisfactory as possible. Therefore, the process will take […]

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