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From Foliage to Fauna

As you can see, I have migrated my blog’s theme from the dark minimalistic Foliage Mod to light minimalistic Fauna by Joen Asmussen. This time the transition has been a difficult process. Last night I almost decided to revert back to Foliage Mod, and to give up everything I have done so far. I couldn’t […]

The Subscription Page

If you haven’t noticed its existence, let me point it out for you. Recently, with the completion of my second experimental plug-in (it’s still in beta); I have created a page named Subscriptions. On the page, you will find the latest entries’ title of several blogs I have subscribed with. With this page, I would […]

End of Customization Resource

Looking in the archive, I found out I have written 30 issues of Customization Resource. Each issue contained a list of links to anything related to Windows customization. I did that because I wanted to facilitate other Windows users who are also interested in modifying their system, to make their search easier. Besides, I was […]

Foliage Mod Modified

Since February 17 of 2005, when Wooden Fish moved to this domain, I have been using a personalized version of Kubrick. Over the time, gradual changes were added to the site, and my Kubrick was considered heavily modified. But after over a year of using Kubrick, I have grown bored with the theme, and have […]

Upper River during Qing Ming Festival

The new header image is a segment of the renowned Chinese painting Upper River during Qing Ming Festival. The complete painting is a very long water color landscape scroll on silk created by royal artist Zhang Zeduan of Northern Song Dynasty. The painting is not simply a scenic landscape painting but a historical snapshot of […]

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