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2006 World Cup Closure

It’s a bit late, but I still like to write down my thoughts on this year’s World Cup. My take on the final match is that Italy deserved to win. The penalty kick rewarded to France was bogus; there was no foul committed by the Italian defender. On the other hand, the goal from Italy’s […]

Italy vs. France

So, this is what the World Cup comes down to: two teams and one cup. The final game of this year’s World Cup is between Italy and France. Which team do you think will take the cup home and why?

Cry for Argentina

It is a sad day today. Argentina lost its game against Germany in the quarter-final. It is sad because the team did not lose the game, but were defeated in the shoot-out. They played well, they showed the midfield supremacy, but at the end of the game they were given the defeat. Now, Brazil is […]

Predictions for Stage Two

Today, the stage one of World Cup 2006 is completed. 16 countries qualify for the next round, and the other 16 teams need to head home early. Particularly, I am surprised by today’s result. Korea Republic was in the second place of the group, but after the match against Switzerland and the crucial win obtained […]

Suspense in World Cup

Plenty of suspense today at World Cup with two games taking place simultaneously, 3 teams in Group F battled for the spot to move on to stage 2. The four teams in Group F are Brazil, Australia, Croatia and Japan. Before today’s games, Brazil was the only team in the group who has secured its […]

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